One of a kind and stunning!

One of a kind and stunning! This is the best way to describe the gorgeous custom-made coffee mugs that Patrick from Creative Zest created and made for me. I am truly touched with his desire to create special pieces for his customers, and even more pleased with my mugs. I smile each time I look at one, and can't wait to give some as gifts. If you want something truly special, truly one of a kind, go to Creative Zest with your custom-made request.

Anne S.

Sharknose and Babyface

Sharknose & Babyface

The days of steam power were drawing to a close, with diesel-electrics from Alco and General Motors’ EMD division taking their place. By 1950, steam locomotives were accounting for a tiny percentage of sales to railroads. Read more

The Train Show Experience

The Train Show Experience

Have you ever been to a model train show? For railroad enthusiasts, it's a treat that can't be missed. It's an experience unlike any other. Here's a glimpse into a typical model railroad event that's sure to stir your interest. Read more