About Creative Zest

I'm Patrick Kalscheuer, owner of Creative Zest. I'm a railroad enthusiast, garden railroader, hotrodder, fabricator and graphic designer. I'm also a father and husband. These last two roles are what give me the inspiration and ability to be the best I can be at the others.

My passion for all things railroading is what drives me. Really, who doesn't like trains? The rich, deep history of the steam era, the immense power of modern diesel locomotives—there's so much to appreciate. I'm fortunate to have found something that speaks to me, and oddly enough, has given me a voice.

Train T-Shirts Designed and Printed in Sunny Southern California.

One of the contributions I'm making to the hobby is to offer original train T-shirt designs that are:

  • Artfully created
  • Interesting and unique
  • Professionally made

My goal is to create apparel my fellow rail nuts are proud to wear while allowing their train-freak flag to fly! Trains are cool, you're cool for digging trains and my designs will help you tell the world about it.

Garden Railroader since 2007.

I discovered garden railroading a bit later in life, married, with kids and in our second home. My family and I visited The Big Train Show when it was still held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. That started my love for the hobby. All sorts of plans began circling in my head. Big plans.

Patrick and RevviPatrick and Revvi kickin' it on the Kalscheuer Garden Railroad

The Big Train Show was the starting point for me, and its been a wild ride ever since. My boys were excited, too. How could they not be? Their dad was going to set up a big train set in the backyard! We all embraced the project (remind me sometime to tell you about the six dump truck loads of dirt delivered in our driveway that we had to Bobcat into the backyard!).

Creative Zest at The Big Train ShowCreative Zest at The Big Train Show
San-Val circa 2008

There were regular trips out to San-Val, one of the best G scale model train stores in the area. You So Cal guys remember San Val, right? What a place. A candy store for hobbyists. I really connected with large scale, and the idea of having a backyard layout.

I did mention that I'm married, didn't I? Married to the greatest lady—a woman who completely supports my hobby/addiction (and now career). She's a fan of garden railroading too, but leaves the digging (weeding!) and modeling to the boys and me. There's nothing like the support of family to help you realize your dreams.